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Sample letter for Desert Rock Resisitors
by Dooda Desert Rock Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2007 at 7:23 AM

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Greetings Council Delegate(s),

I am writing to express my strong feelings regarding the $2 million request
from Sithe Global/Dine Power Authority that I understand you will vote on
Tuesday. The money in question would fund yet another coal-fired power plant in
the Four Corners Area. As a Council Delegate, the responsibility falls on
your shoulders to make this important decision. I encourage you to vote
against this measure and to help ensure that the proposed coal-fired power plant
is not built in Burnham, or anywhere else on Tribal Lands.

Much has been made of the jobs and money that the power plant might bring.
These monetary promises are worthless when you consider the following facts:

1. Desecration of the land - Dine elders currently live and raise livestock
on the land where the plant would be built. The proposed plant would force
these people to abandon their homeland, ancestral burial sites, sacred prayer
locations and animal feeding grounds.

2. Tragic health consequences - Coal-fired power plants are synonymous with
toxic emissions, leading to chronic diseases such as asthma and cancer, along
with spewing mercury that poisons our waters. Emissions from power plants
will affect everyone, but anyone and anything living near the plant stands to
suffer the most.

3. Global warming - The New Mexico Legislature, despite strong pressure, did
not fund the $85 million tax credit for this reason. The Earth is suffering
the affects of generations of human abuse - the billions of dollars to be
spent on the power plant would be better spent on environmentally friendly
projects that would help the people and the nation as a whole.

4. Sithe Global - Have any contracts been secured as to who would buy this
"dirty power?" How many of the 400 long term jobs will go to members of the
Tribe? If megacities like Phoenix and L.A. need power, why isn't this toxic
plant built there? Is a multibillion-dollar international corporation really
in need of money or assistance from anyone? The very nature of this project
reflects environmental racism and greed. Vote no!

I am one of the many grassroots resisters of the proposed Desert Rock power
plant. Please take the time to think about the possible devastating
long-term impacts before your vote. If you would like more information please see
the link below. I sincerely thank you for your time.




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