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Living Energies: Viktor Schauberger's Work w/ Natural Energy Explained e-book
by false flag Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007 at 3:28 AM

This is an E-Book PDF of "Living Energies: Viktor Schauberger's Brilliant Work with Natural Energy Explained" by Callum Coats

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Forward to the book:

It is very difficult to observe the extraordinary
creativity and fruitfulness of Nature
without a sense of wonder. But wonder is at
odds with reason. It has been said that
humanity's schism with Nature was contrived
so that we could develop our sense of reason
to the extent that we now experience. One of
the outcomes of this, because they are preoccupied
with physical form, is that our contemporary
biological sciences seem to believe that
this munificent fecundity of Nature 'just happens'.
Viktor Schauberger's vision was that
this 'happening' is the result of a complex
interaction of subtle energies, a process that is
initiated and sustained from what he called
the 4th and 5th dimensions of Being.
Viktor Schauberger was a man who was
undoubtedly inspired by more exalted levels
of reality and meaning than most of us experience.
His great gift was to be able to show how
it is the finer and 'higher' energies that are
responsible for creating form and structure, not
the other way round as contemporary science
would suggest. The story of his life is tragic at
a personal level, for he was constantly
ridiculed, because of the vested interests of
science for whom he was a threat. He died a
broken man when he saw that the gift he
wanted to make was corrupted by the powerful
for material gain. His prophetic vision was
that humanity was bound for self-annihilation
if steps were not immediately taken to change
course. In a real sense we have had to see
many of his specific prophecies come true
before we were ready to take him seriously.
Schauberger died in 1958. Why has it
taken so long before a book could be published
that is so vital to the salvation of
humanity? Part of the answer lies in history.
When Austria was absorbed by Nazi
Germany in 1938 there was a cultural melding.
Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian, as
was Hitler, who saw that this remarkable
inventor could be valuable to his cause.
Although Viktor was coerced to work for the
Third Reich, he has inevitably been associated
with it. Postwar German consciousness,
being anxious to distance itself from the
Hitler period, could not then easily embrace
Schauberger's vision.
It took a Swedish engineer inspired by the
vision of Rudolf Steiner to rescue Viktor
Schauberger from oblivion in 1976. Steiner
and Schauberger were contemporaries, and it
is tempting to believe that they were both
inspired by a similar source of profound wisdom
of universal meaning. They had some
lengthy discussions, and one wonders how
much common ground they found!
This Swedish engineer's book was published
by a small publisher better known for
its music publishing. I heard of Olof
Alexandersson's Det Levande Vattnet in 1979
from some Swedish-speaking British friends. I
do not read Swedish, and so could not make a
'rational' assessment of the book. But as sometimes
happens in publishing, I had a 'hunch'
this book was important, and that it must be
translated into English and published widely.
My previous company, Turnstone Press, in
1982 published Living Water which is a
popular introduction to Viktor Schauberger,
the man and his mission. This lovely little
book has since gone through five reprints and
this caused a strong demand for an authoritative
book on Viktor Schauberger's practical
ideas for working with Nature, rather than
against her, as we currently do. Clearly
Schauberger's time has come, as millions of
people all over the world realise that we are
dangerously off-course.
It was when I was preparing Living Water
for press that Callum Coats came into my
life. Through his mother Callum met Viktor's
physicist son, Walter Schauberger in 1977
and, sensing that his future work lay here,
began an intensive study of Schauberger
theory. In 1981 Callum helped edit the
translation of Living Water, during which he
confided with me his ambition to write a
definitive work on Viktor Schauberger.
This was to prove a much more ambitious
task than he anticipated, and he has devoted
all his resources and energy for over 15 years
to this end. It is a remarkable body of
research, and Callum undertook to replicate
some of the experiments. A crucial part of the
process was to spend three years with
Walter's Pythagoras-Kepler-System Institute
at Lauffen in the Salzkammergut near
Salzburg. Walter has now passed on, but the
Schauberger family has cooperated with
Callum in helping this book be born, as with
its companion work Eco-technology, Viktor
Schauberger's own writings in three volumes,
which Callum has compiled and translated.
Some thoughts on how to approach this
book. Callum and I talked about how to
arrange the text of Living Energies. As the
publisher, I did not want readers to be put off
early in the book by a discussion of energy
and motion. Callum, persuaded me that the
more popular material - about water as the
life-blood of the Earth, and how we need to
cherish it, and about the magic of trees and
the biomass of the Earth - can really only be
appreciated with some understanding of
what is energy. However, if you do find the
discussion of energy and motion (for energy
is motion) daunting, my suggestion is that
you skip to a later chapter to get the sense of
our lost inheritance. You can always return to
put in the theory later. I suspect, in any case,
that this is not a book that most will read
through in one swoop. Rather it is an
inspired fountain of wisdom to be dipped
into, here and there, for many a season.
Another hint, I was finding the chapter on
energy hard going until I read it on an
Orkney beach. Surrounding yourself with
nature makes the ideas come alive!
Schauberger, in common with other
pioneers of radical thinking, realised that
words carry associations. Therefore, in order
to wean people away from a conventional
word which is often inadequate for the task,
it is sometimes appropriate to coin a new
word, to allow their imaginations to grasp a
more inclusive or specific concept or idea.
This is especially relevant for the subtle
energies which are responsible for the
interaction of all creation and the incredible
abundance and fecundity of Nature. We
have tried to cross-reference these in the text,
and there is a glossary in the back of the
Viktor Schauberger, besides being an
impeccable observer of Nature, was also an
inventor who saw how the practical application
of his ideas could transform our society.
Just as other visionaries have heard the harmony
of the Universe as 'The Music of the
Spheres', so Viktor Schauberger saw the symmetry
of all creation in terms of sacred geometry.
Inevitably this requires a modicum of
mathematics in the text. But to show that it is
not necessary for an appreciation of
Schauberger's ecological understanding, we
have, where possible, extracted the more
theoretical material into boxes. So, if you are
daunted by mathematical symbols, don't be
dismayed, for you will still find most of the
text inspiring and enthralling.
Living Energies may become the catalyst for
re-writing all the textbooks of science and the
manuals of politics and planning. It shows
how humanity can take its place as the
responsible guardians of a very precious
centre of life in the Universe. We see this as
required reading for anyone planning to
participate in the next century. It is a guide to
the new millennium!
Alick Bartholomew,
Wellow, September 1995.

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