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To the Community of Albuquerque in Solidarity with San Salvador Atenco:
by hermanos y hermanas de Atenco Sunday, May. 14, 2006 at 7:08 PM

que piensan de esta letra? what changes need to be made? i am going to write a repetative song to bother the Mexican Consulate this week...okay chicos,

To the Community of Albuquerque in Solidarity with San Salvador Atenco:

The events that took place in Mexico on March 3rd and 4th, displayed the
true repressive identity of the politicians, praising their
“neo-liberalism” and doing anything to earn a higher profit. In
attempting to place a Wal-Mart over a marketplace where humble and hard
working people make a living to provide for their families, the Mexican
police force used extreme violence to comply with their bosses' orders.
200 men and women were thrown in prison without any consideration for
their human rights. Women were violated. Blood was spilled all in the
name of complying with the economic plans of the elite. However, the
people in Mexico are united in solidarity with one another to defeat the
greed of these politicians and businessmen. That is why our solidarity is
crucial here in the International community. Our brothers and sisters in
Mexico need our assistance. Money is needed to pay for the liberation of
all those in jail. Inside there are mothers, fathers, students, and
anyone who fought bravely against the current state of tyranny. Apart
from money, our sincere and unending solidarity is needed. Let's boycott
the Wal-Marts, that for too long now have imposed their ambitions over the
soil of displaced peoples. Let's gather in the Mexican Consulate again
and sing songs of rancor in their doorstep. We are all one in this
struggle against injustice and greed.

Freedom to Political Prisoners!

To contribute money for the release of the political prisoners:
visit for information,
or visit: ....the account is: 605 152 07 155
or localy in New Mexico contact us at

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