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Demo at Mexican Consulate in Abq in Solidarity with the People of Atenco and Texcoco
by New Mexico Indymedia Tuesday, May. 09, 2006 at 6:25 AM

May 8th, 2006, a group of individuals met in front of the Mexican Consulate to show their disgust at the police-military actions against students, the Otra Campana ( for more information), Atenco, Texcoco, Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra, and other activists organizations.

The small band of people stood in front of the Mexican Consulate near downtown Albuquerque, holding signs that that said "Todos Somos Atenco! (We Are ALL Atenco)" and "Donde estan los desaparecidos? (Where are the disappeared?". Only nine in number, their presence at the consulate was to protest the continued injustices against peasants, farmers, children, and journalists in San Salvador Atenco, a small farming town in Texcoco, just outside of Mexico City. Atenco is somewhat famous; in 2002 the people successfully protested the construction of a massive airport that would have displaced their town. As they say, history repeats itself. On May 3, peasants rose up in protest of the arrests of farmers who were accused of selling flowers without a permit in the Texcoco market. The protests caused the government to send in more police. On May 4, some three thousand police were bused in to quell the so-called "separatist" movement in the town of San Salvador Atenco. During the struggle, as many as 400 people, including some five foreign nationals, were detained. The people of Atenco alleged that women were raped, and two independent journalists were beaten and harrassed by police. A 14-year-old boy, Javier Cortes Santiago, was shot and killed by police. Two people were seriously injured when gas canisters, fired by police, struck them, fracturing one man's skull. On May 6, the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (EZLN), through Subcomandante Marcos, urged the Mexican media to "tell the truth" of what transpired in Atenco. The EZLN has stated that they will remain in Mexico, D.F. indefinitely and continue "mobilizations until all the political prisoners are freed." For a list of the prisoners, arrested persons, and the missing, see this site. Today's small protest might have some impact upon those who are unaware of the situation in Texcoco and Atenco. Protestors handed out flyers, talked with consulate workers, and held up signs. Many cars honked as they drove past. At one point, an Albuquerque police officer responded, saying he had received a call that the protesters were blocking a thoroughfare, which was incorrect. Nothing occurred in the sidewalk or the street that might have backed up traffic at any time. Overall, the protesters wanted to bring the Albuquerque community's attention to the injustice in Atenco. In light of the recent mobilizations and protest in support of immigrant rights, it is necessary to understand some of the injustices that might cause many of these workers to cross the border illegally into the United States. Texcoco and Atenco, indeed many places in Mexico, remain testimony to those injustices. From The Other Albuquerque, Anthony Moss

Apart from the congregating in front of the Consulate, there were fliers passed around the surrounding businesses to explain the events that took place in Mexico. Upon arriving, there was a short discussion with an employee in the Consulate, the information was handed to him, and the reason for the actions. He then went back inside. At around 3:30 pm, the police were called, claiming that the activists were obstructing traffic, which was never occurred. This action was thought of and done in solidarity and kinship with all of Mexico. At this moment, in the state of Mexico, there are hunger strikes taking place, demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners and disappeared in Atenco. It has also been made public that the State and the police have sent in informants in a meeting at the auditorium Che Guevara. The attacks against Atenco and against the activists organizations don't cease, and neither does the resistance.

Liberty to all political prisoners!

Para mas informacion (for more information):

Solidaridad con el Pueblo de Atenco Protesta frente Consulado Mexicano en Albuquerque, NM

8 de Mayo, 2006, un grupo de personas se reunieron enfrente del Consulado Mexicano para mostrar repudio ante las acciones policiaco-militar del Govierno Mexicano contra estudiantes, la Otra Campana, Atenco, Texcoco, Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra , y Organizaciones Sociales. Ademas de la concentracion frente al Consulado, hubo volenteo de informacion en los locales de la zona haciendo conocer a mas personas los hechos sucedido. Hubo un pequeno encuentro con el Consul, se le dio la informacion circulante, y el motivo de las acciones. Luego se retiro. Cerca de las 3:30 pm, se dio avico a la policia de una obstruccion en el trafico por parte de los manifestantes, dicho acontocimiento nunca sucedio.

Esta accion fue pensada y ejecutaba en solidaridad y amistad con el pueblo Mexicano. En este momento, en el Estado de Mexico, se han declarado huelgas de hambre pidiendo la liberacion inmediata de los pres@s politic@s, y desaparecid@s en Atenco. Se ha hecho publica la intromision del Estado Mexicano al descrubir orejas en un mitin en el auditorio Che Guevara. Los atakes en contra del pueblo de Atenco, y en contra de las organizaciones sociales no paran, y la lucha tampoco.

Libertad a tod@s l@s pres@s politic@s!

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