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The Escúchame Rugir Collective and the Peace & Justice Center will be hosting our annual benefit event supporting Women’s Health and Midwifery in the Zapatista territories in Chiapas, Mexico. The event is called K’uniltik: Liberación y Dignidad benefiting Women to Women, a project bringing women from our community to share skills and resources with women community health providers in the autonomous regions. Please join us for an afternoon of live music from Felix de los Gatos, pozole dinner, information and community at the St Francis Xavier Parish Hall from 4pm to 7pm on Saturday, November 15, 2008 located at 810 Arno SE. in Albuquerque.

The Women to Women project has been working in solidarity with the Zapatista autonomous health project since the year 2000. We have been training women health workers on the general topics of women’s health, family planning, as well as the practice of gynecological exams including pap smears. Our most recent trips have been focused on the practice of midwifery.

In spite of the many obstacles they face, a few of the women we have worked with have become important care providers in their regions, taking charge of municipal clinics and attending births. These women have expressed a need for further training as well as material support for ongoing care such as pap smears and birth kits.

We are asking for your generosity in responding to this request for material support. Our goal is to raise $3000. This would provide a fund for pap smear testing which would allow for 20 pap smears for each of the 11 municipalities that form part of the region where Women to Women is working (that's a total of 220 pap smears), 2 small birth kits for each municipality containing the items they have requested (stainless steel scissors and cord clamps), and antibiotics for each municipality to combat infections which can lead to preterm labor.

In the Zapatista territories, the idea of "parejo" is strongly promoted. This means an equal distribution of resources and support. In the region where Women to Women is working there are 11 municipalities, which means that all material support will be divided by 11, so that no municipality is left out. With this in mind, consider donating enough to pay for 11 (or 22 or 33!) pap smears. Each pap smear costs $5, so 11 pap smears would be $55. A birth kit with the items they have requested costs $22, so a kit for each municipality would cost $220. If you are unable to contribute monetarily, consider donating something for our silent auction!

In support of self determination and autonomous health, The Escúchame Rugir Collective

For more information contact: Sandra Ortsman: 505-610-4293 email to

Short Films about the Border. Come join us for an evening of work by filmmaker Steev Hise and his Tucson-based video collective, Pan Left, featuring a brand-new film about the environmental effects of the border wall produced for the Sierra Club.

Wild Versus Wall ( Steev Hise, 2008, 20 min.) This film details the unique and diverse natural areas along the southern borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and explains how they have been and will be affected by current and planned federal border policy and infrastructure, as well as the danger to our rights and safety imposed by sweeping new powers granted to the Department of Homeland Security. Sponsored by the Sierra Club Border Campaign.

Breakfast Standoff at the No Borders Camp (Steev Hise, 2007, 7 min) In Calexico, California and Mexicali, Baja California, a unique form of protest and solidarity occurred in November of last year when activists on both sides of the border wall camped out for 5 days of demonstrations, parties, workshops, and meetings designed to bring attention to the oppressive qualities of the current border and immigration regime. This short tells the story of one encounter between Border Patrol and activists from that week.

Palestine en Solidaridad (Jason Aragón, 2007, 5 min.) March 02, 2007. A delegation from Palestine visit the U.S./Mexico border with human rights group, Coalición de Derechos Humanos. Two border struggles come face to face as the Palestinians witness another border and find another injustice with similar intentions.

Fiesta Binacional ( Steev Hise, 2007, 6 min.) The story of an annual cross-border party in the little town of Naco, Arizona and Naco, Sonora.

Boundary Conditions ( Steev Hise, 2007, 22 minutes) An experimental video collage of a variety of found and original footage relating to borders and boundaries of all types. With live, improvised score by Tucson (via Puerto Rico) composer Jose Saavedra.

Six Mayan leaders will be sharing stories of their work towards community empowerment in the aftermath of civil war through their projects in sustainable agriculture, micro-lending, gender equity and the defense of human rights. Join us to learn more about the Guatemalan project and how you can play a role to create a more just and sustainable future.

Friday, July 18th, 7:00 PM Albuquerque Mennonite Church 1300 Girard Blvd. NE For more information, contact The Garden’s Edge1 at 948-8398.

This Maya run organization works to preserve traditional farming and building practices in rural Guatemala. The Association works in twelve villages, and offers classes in soil conservation, seed saving, animal care, traditional medicines, natural building, and community organizing. The Qachuu Aloom (Mother Earth) Association is a Maya run organization in rural Guatemala. Qachuu Aloom works to preserve traditional farming and building practices and to create economic opportunities for its members. Twelve villages, and two schools participate in the association, as well as two widows groups. Rabinal, and its surrounding communities were greatly affected by Guatemala’s 30+-year civil war. Villages were destroyed. Men, women and children were tortured, raped and killed by the Guatemalan military. Villages are still suffering from the effects of this violence as well as from extreme poverty and lack of access to resources such as fertile land to grow food, potable water, schools and medical care. To help combat this poverty and to help rebuild the community fabric, Qachuu Aloom offers many educational workshops in sustainable agriculture, community organizing, and local enterprise.

Please join us for two special events happening April 5, 6 & 7, at the Dooda Desert Rock campsite. On April 6th, DDR will welcome the Longest Walk II to New Mexico. We are honored to be a part of this tradition, as we support our brothers and sisters who have committed themselves to a cross-country walk for environmental protection and Native American rights. DDR will meet the Longest Walk II participants at the Arizona-New Mexico state line, and escort them through New Mexico. On April 6th, DDR will continue to escort the Longest Walk II to the DDR camp at Chaco Rio, New Mexico. We will have an opportunity to share the story and mission of DDR while the Longest Walk II rests at our camp. DDR will host the “MOTHER EARTH & FATHER SKY Music Festival 2008” to celebrate the end of the New Mexico State Legislative Session and entertain the Longest Walk II walkers as they continue to rest at our camp. We are especially excited to welcome Gary Farmer and his band and all other musicians to this event. The Longest Walk II will resume their journey on April 7th. DDR will walk with them to the proposed Desert rock power plant site, and on to the New Mexico - Oklahoma border. Then DDR will rejoin the walkers in July in Washington, D.C. We hope you will join us in this historic celebration. Elouise Brown President, Dooda Desert Rock 505-947-6159

We are greatly honored to invite you to attend two special celebrations at the Dooda (NO) Desert Rock (DDR) Camp at Ram Springs, New Mexico. The DDR Organization Christmas Party will be held on Wednesday, December 26, 2007, and the New Years Celebration will take place from December 31, 2007 to January 1, 2008.

Since December 12, 2006, The DDR Deployment has made major news throughout the Navajo Nation and the world. The intrusion of Sithe Global, LLC, Desert Rock Energy Company and Dine Power Authority will not be successful as long as we have your support to continue our DDR Mission. Please bring a friend or family member to join us and help us maintain a solid team effort for the New Year.

DDR Organization is a group of indigenous residents dedicated to stopping the ill-conceived Desert Rock Power plant proposed by the Sithe Global, LLC, Desert Rock Energy Company and Dine Power Authority. We believe economic development must not come at the expense of the health of our children, the air we breathe, our sacred land and water, and our way of life. As Navajo People, our work and dedication is centered on the Dine philosophy of Balance, Harmony, Respect and Equality. As children of Mother Earth and Father Sky, we are honored and obligated to protect and preserve the natural state of Harmony and Beauty. Our responsibilities are not limited to the four elements of life but all life that encompasses our very existence as humans. We aim to honor our fore-fathers, their teachings and wisdom against all desecrating entities, corporate intrusion and environmental injustices.

We believe that your participation or donation will help support the whole DDR community, as we continue to learn, communicate, and move forward. Don't miss this great opportunity to help make a difference in the DDR Campaign! For more information, please visit our website:

As a leading grassroots organization figure in this environmental challenge, we cordially invite you to join our efforts to stop the Desert Rock Energy Project (a 3rd dirty coal-burning power plant) in the Four Corners Area. We look forward to your attendance and participation!

President, Dooda Desert Rock

DDR info pamphlet. Download, Copy double sided then fold into fourths: 300 dpi jpg Inside page
300 dpi jpg outside pages

New Mexico Food & Seed Sovereignty Alliance creating a genetically engineered food free zone in NM
On March 10 and 11, 2006 a Traditional Agriculture Conference was held in Alcalde, New Mexico. Dozens of people from the greater region of many backgrounds were in attendance to participate in a seed exchange ceremony and signing of a Seed Sovereignty Declaration. This Declaration was drafted by members of the Traditional Native American Farmers’ Association (TNAFA) and the New Mexico Acequia Association (NMAA) who are the core of the New Mexico Food & Seed Sovereignty Alliance.

MP3 Listen to Miguel Santistevan from the New Mexico Acequia Association (NMAA) give a presentation, Oct 21st '07, on the state of the procces to create NM law that stops genetic engineering (GE) corruption in NM.

Rancho el Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico Indigenous peoples from all over the Americas converge in solidartiy to unify indigenous peoples. Hosted by the Tohono-O’odham, who's nation is divided by the U.S. border, they welcomed the Other Campaign’s Karavana for the Oct. 8 – 9 regional indigenous conference. It was one of three other regional conferences to be held in Oaxaca, Oct. 4—5, Atlapulco, Oct. 6 –7 and Michaocan, Oct. 6 – 7, 2007. Those regional Indigenous gatherings preceded the Intercontinental Indigenous Summit in Yaqui Pueblo near Obregon, to be held Oct. 11—14. Photo Brenda Norrell/Comandante David, O'odham Elena Garcia and Subcomandante Marcos in Sonora, Mexico in 2007.

Radio Tomada 96.9fm set up a small temporary low power community radio station at the summit in order to help promote indigenous struggle. In Albuquerque you can listen to highlights from the summit Thursday Oct. 18th starting at 6pm on Radio Tomada 96.9fm. Also listen here to the opening ceremony with presentations from the Tohono-O’odham and Subcomandante Marcos. MP3 OGG

Parte 1 of indigenous delegates presentations MP3 OGG Parte 2 MP3 OGG Parte 3 MP3 OGG Parte 4 MP3 OGG more 2 come

The Trinity House Catholic Worker "Free Lunch Sunday" was interrupted yesterday at 1:22pm by Albuquerque Police Department Officers, at the behest of concerned local residents. Fortunately for the impoverished people sharing the meal, all were served before police politely asked the Catholic Workers to leave Soldiers and Sailors Park. Trinity House has helped organize volunteer groups to produce high-quality vegetarian meals for free since May Day 2005. The volunteers continued cleaning up the park and left ahead of schedule at 1:30 (instead of 1:45). The complaining neighbors had been camped out at the park for two hours, arriving simultaneously with the Trinity House portable toilet at 11:30am. Two local women claimed that a man was drinking a beer in public, and that such "illegal" behavior was scaring the neighborhood children. They then telephoned APD to request APD to enforce the rule that city parks can only be used if park users receive permission from the City in writing. Marcus Page, a Catholic Worker at Trinity House said, "APD officer Apodaca behaved professionally. He said he would gladly enforce the same law against Albuquerque Public Schools if any of us called the police to complain that APS does the same thing--feed the hungry in public places without a permit from the City." Citing city permit issues as well as completely unrelated issues, APD has only thwarted the Sunday Free Lunch once before--on July 1st 2007. A month prior to that, Trinity House began serving with a permit at Robinson Park, but the City is trying to stop Trinity House from acquiring a permit to use the public parks, because Mayor Chavez wants to remove all homeless people from downtown. Catholic Workers cited the emergency needs of hungry people and the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment as the reasons for conducting free lunch distribution (with or without a permit from local governmental agencies). Trinity House is nonetheless currently pursuing the two permits, in order to maintain good relationships with the troublemakers. CONTACT: Chelsea Collonge for more info (505 242 0497).

Marcos Ramirez from New Mexico Indymedia interviews Marcus Page & Mike Butler from Trinity House. LISTEN HERE: OGG FILE WAV FILE

"Sunday Free Lunch in the Park" resumes this weekend: July 29th 2007, after a few months of using privately owned parking lots for the potluck meals. Citing city permit issues as well as unrelated issues, Albuquerque Police coerced Trinity House Catholic Workers and other volunteers out of Robinson Park three months ago, where Trinity House had served lunch consistently for over two years. Patrons at the Sunday Free Lunch and Catholic Workers were happier in the public parks. After much deliberation, the Catholic Workers have chosen a park which is four blocks from Robinson Park. All are welcome at the Sunday Free Lunch at Soldiers & Sailors Park (14th & Central) every Sunday from now on @ 1:00pm until 1:30pm.

note: Albuquerque Copwatch will be patrolling the feedings every Sunday.

Prisoner rights activist Tilda Sosaya spoke at the ABQ Center for Peace and Justice about the rising phenomenon of concentration camps in America and the increasing dangers of private prison systems. Listen to the NMiMC interview with Tilda Sosaya at La Semilla booksore in ABQ on privately run refugee camps in Texas and the upcoming mobilizaions on the 23rd and 24th of June being organized to create awarness about these camps/prisons

This after the New Mexico Legislature did not pass the $85 million tax credit for Sithe Global to build a coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners Area. The power company is still intent on getting the plant going, and is currently seeking $2 million from the Tribal Council. The vote is set for Tuesday, 4/17. Elouise Brown, President of Dooda Desert Rock, has requested that regardless of whether you are Navajo you write to the council delegates. Below please find a sample letter. Please choose at least one delegate to write to, and either write your own letter opposing the $2 million for Sithe Global/DPA for the Coal-Fired Power Plant at Desert Rock, or cut and paste the letter and email it. Also, please copy your letter to Elouise Brown at She will hand deliver copies of all the letters sent on Tuesday. For more information check out

link to sample letter and delegates emails

A group of activists from Albuquerque and all over have set up camp in the Mexicali region of Baja, Mexico prior to the arrival of La Otra Campaña. La Otra plans to arrive in support of the Cucapah and their fight to regain fishing rights taken by the government. Because of increasing preasure by the paramilitary in Chiapas La Otra has been delayed but will arrive in Baja, as was announced by Delegate Zero in October of 2006.

The camp is going as scheduled and the people are currently fishing. Although under the increasing harassment by local police. Activist from Albuquerque who brought down to Baja two converted school buses for the encampment were woken up at 3 am a few days ago and harassed by the police, as reported by a New Mexico Indymedia reporter on the ground with the encampment.

Check back for details on the unfolding situation in Baja. more info from Narco News

NM Impeachment Resolution KILLED without even a Debate!
Voters of New Mexico, if you think your legislature really has the best interests of your state or this nation in mind, you just might want to take a second look.

It happened after NM Senators had successfully got the impeachment resolution through the three Senate committes designed to kill the measure. Democracy for NM-… SJR 5, New Mexico's impeachment resolution, was killed when it failed to get the votes necessary to move to the Senate Floor for debate … 9 Democratic Senators voted against debating the measure, including Senator Phil Griego from San Jose, NM … [Phil A. Griego, (505) 986-4861] … [Senators Altamirano, Pete Campos, Carlos Cisneros, Tim Jennings, John Pinto, John Arthur Smith, James Taylor and David Ulibarri.] They need to hear from plenty of their constituents. If Democrats won't even allow something this timely and critical to our nation's future to be DEBATED, why do they call themselves Democrats?

-from Democracy for New Mexico- According to Steve Terrell, "the vote was 26-13 to uphold Senate Majority Leader Ben Altamirano’s ruling yesterday. Altamirano ruled on a voice vote not to accept the committee report of the Senate Judiciary Committee." We had previously been informed that the original maneuver to keep it off the floor was a Republican effort, but now we learn it was one of our TOP DEMOCRATIC LEADERS who kept it from a debate -- Ben Altamirano. I guess Ben and his pals didn't like to see all those citizen lobbyists up there, practicing democracy like Americans. And those phone calls and emails were so, well, irritating. So much easier to go to lavish dinner parties with lobbyists.

You can listen to a discussion of these events, and learn more about the status of SJM 5, in a recently-recorded Impeachment Channel interview with Desi Brown, a staffer in the office of New Mexico State Senator and SJR 5 co-author Gerald Ortiz y Pino.(Read More at Democracy for New Mexico)

Converstion with John Ross as he kicks off his "listening tour" in Albuquerque
"Zapatistas, Making Another World Possible, Chronicles of Resistance 2000-2006 " is the title of the new book. Ross has been based in Mexico City for 20 years and reports for the Nation, Counterpunch, La Jornada and much more. He is the author of many books including Murdered by Capitalism, Rebellion from the Roots and The Annexation of Mexico. John Ross spoke with New Mexico Indymedia about the importance of utilizing Zapatisata values in your community. Listen to the NM iMC interview here: part 1 part 2

Less then 300 Cucapas & only 54 Kiliwas remain. The government does not concern itself with preserving their culture, traditions, & very existence, it is very concerned about the fish they rely on for their very survival. The government, with the support of “conservation” organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund & Conservation International (notorious for protecting endangered species by kicking endangered peoples off their land), turned the waters into a Bio Reserve. The Cucapa & Kiliwa point out that it is in their best interest to protect the species they rely upon for their livelihood, & they are already the custodians of the river & its fish, as they have been for generations. video by LA OTRA en el OTRO LADO

The Borderline Autonomy Collective (BLAC) invites those who share our vision of a world without borders to join us in Tucson this February 16-19, 2007 as we strategize to build a movement against borders and for humanity. This February encuentro is meant to advance the development of the No Border Camp being held near the Calexico/Mexicali border in the Fall of 2007, and the North American No Border Network. more

El Borderline Anarchy Collective (BLAC) les invita a los que comparten nuestro visión de un mundo sin fronteras para juntarse con nosotros en Tucson este Febrero, mientras estrategizamos y avanzamos un movimiento contra las fronteras y por la humanidad. El encuentro es parte del proceso de avanzar el desarollo del Red Anti-Fronterizo de NorteAmérica y el Acampo Anti-Fronterizo que esta planeado para el Otoño del año 2007 cerca de Calexico y Mexicali. mas

Burnham, NM Since the 12th of December, 2006, a group of elders and children have begun to cut the access routes to their lands in the Navajo Reservation in North West New Mexico. The cause for this was to stop the entrance of trucks from the Sithe Global and DPA companies, who have planned the construction of a new 1,500 MW coal powered power plant. Alice Gilmore, a neighbor in the community, saw a man from the company doing some preliminary work by her house (drilling for water). This project for a Power Plant has been approved by the local Navajo gobernment, yet has not passed the environmental approvals. However, work has begun about two weeks ago. The decision by the local government does not correspond with the consensus, where a majority of the people present were clearly against the project. In solidarity it is asked of those who wish to colaborate to participate in the road blockade, spread this information, and firewood to bring light and warmth at nights. Desert Rock Resisters Blog Indigenous Action and Radio Tomada coverage: ogg mp3 more coverage from Earth Cycles Radio Project

Screening of "Progress at What Cost."

The 55 minute version of this movie by John Sefick on the struggle over Desert Rock will be shown on Pccess Access Channel 27 Sunday January 14th in Albuquerque at 12:00pm. It can be also can be seen on the web at Please be patient as the Channel 27 live stream has a tentancy for delayed start times so give the connection 5-10 mins to start.

By Al Giordano The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Chiapas November 13, 2006

Indigenous Communities and Human Rights Organizations Warned State and Federal Governments of Threats, but Authorities Failed to Act. Today, Monday, November 13, presumed paramilitaries committed a massacre in the Montes Azules jungle region of Chiapas, killing nine indigenous women and men and two children.

The details of the massacre, in a very isolated area, far from urban and media centers, are still sketchy, but the warning signs that violence on this scale was brewing in the region have been known by state and federal officials all along. They were specifically warned by human rights organizations last July and August, but in lieu of taking positive action, their police and other agencies merely aggravated the problems since then. leer mas

By Nancy Davies Commentary from Oaxaca November 7, 2006

The governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO) and his PRI cronies are struggling to prevent accurate information from getting out to the public. And Narco News is doing its best to make all the information known to readers around the globe. It’s long past the days when URO could say, “No pasa nada,” nothing is going on. Now he says, “There’s only one small area blockaded.” And, “this is a minority group,” disregarding the daily reports of confrontations and blockades in every region of the state.

Illustration: D.R. 2006 Latuff In fact, the broadcast controlled by the PRI forces opposed to the popular assembly movement one (ironically, it is an unlicensed pirate station), mentioned Narco News by name. The call-in format, in imitation of the movement’s Radio Universidad format, encourages people – “citizens” – to call in with their denunciations and comments. One program was dominated by a person who complained that Narco News was… getting out the news. The same certain citizens call in daily with complaints about how the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (Asamblea Popular de Pueblos de Oaxaca, APPO) is blocking traffic and inconveniencing them in a dozen ways, including canceling months of the school year and impeding garbage collection. more...


With Military Troops Arriving in the City Under Cover of Night, Another Face-Off Between the People and Government Forces Looms By Nancy Davies, November 5, 2006 via the Narcosphere see also, coverage of Oaxaca in The Nation magazine




The war is on in Oaxaca. It began at 8:00 AM (11/2/06) with the gathering of the PFP and an infiltration by porros (hired thugs) along with state police in plain clothes. There are 5,000 PFP and many people if they're out there. The Rector of the university has called for unity and denounced the federal gov't. The University is an autonomous community. The radio is calling for pacific resistance but since the feds are using tear gas the people are pissed off and the report is that they are starting to use rocks and sticks. Several people have been arrested and wounded, including three children. A helicopter is there and presumably may airlift people to the airport for getting them into custody.

The barricades are up in Cinco Señores and the area surrounding University City. Most of the barricades are cars and barbed wire.

They also are calling for barricades at Santo Domingo where the APPO is camped. more information/mas informacion: [[]][[]][[]][[]][[]][[Radio APPO audio stream]][[]]




Tens of thousands of people from Mexico City and surrounding states headed south today towards the beachfront resorts of Acapulco to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). It is one of Mexico’s most sacred days, when the dead are believed to walk the earth once again and return to visit their loved ones. It is also a national holiday and the start of a long weekend. As leisurely tourists approached kilometer 114 along the Autopista del Sol Highway in the State of Morelos, near the town of Alpuyeca, thousands of motorists had to hit their brakes, suddenly coming to the realization that millions of Mexicans chose today to honor their dead not by going to the beach, but by demanding justice for those killed by paramilitary groups loyal to Oaxaca Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, and by the Federal Preventative Police (PFP).

The last few days in Oaxaca city have been filled with provocations and confrontations where agents of local police and municipal governments assassinated three people during a civil strike called for by the popular social movement coalesced around the popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO). Today, as reported by Narco News, the smoke has cleared but it is now evident that the PFP occupation is revealing the growing polarization within the populace.

more information/mas informacion: [][][][][]Radio APPO audio stream




Paramilitaries attacked the barricades near Oaxaca's office of justice, in the Calicanto municipality. There are several injured and one person dead. Indymedia New York's reporter, BRAD WILL, was shot in the chest and died before he made it to the hospital; Oswaldo Ramirez, photographer for Milenio Diario, has also been shot and is injured in the foot.

THIS IS WHAT IS KNOWN SO FAR ABOUT BRAD FROM A PERSON WHO WAS THERE WITH HIM: - He was at the Santa Lucia Barricade - He was shot from a distance of 30-40 meters right in the pit of the stomach - It was urban paramilitary Priistas in plain clothes who shot him - People then pulled him away to safety; its confirmed that he's dead; his body is at the red cross in oaxaca - 3 additional dead (4 total); 1 member of radio universidad was injured, he went to the hospital in a volkswagen cuz no ambulances would come


Second Annual Halloween Ride
Last year's Halloween ride was such a hit, ABQ Ride has decided to do it again this year! For 2006, we've they've teamed with UNM Sustain for a truly super-natural event. So grab your best ride-worthy costume and get ready for a ride down Route "666."

Meet up at the Triangle Park (police substation) at Monte Vista and Central as we award prizes for best costume, best dressed bike, and most sustainable/recycled costume. Then we hit the road through Nob Hill, Downtown, and Old Town. Those who have to tuck in their lil' pumpkins can take the Rapid Ride home while the rest of us tear like a bat out of hell to the starting point.

This ought to be a phenomenal event! Download the flyers here and here. Special thanks to the Bike Coop for their sponsorship. The event takes place on Halloween (October 31) at 7pm. See you there!

Stop Police Brutality! October 22, 2006
Eleventh annual national day of protest to stop police brutality, repression and the criminalization of a generation. 5pm Protest at 4th and Roma station in Abq. 6pm March through downtown. 7pm Community discusion vigil and memorial building of our dead followed by a screening of "Every Mothers Earth" at 8pm (929 4th st SW) With sign making the day before on Oct. 21 from 3-7pm at 929 4th st SW. Vecinos United 319-9241 ABQ Copwatch 268-1571 WEAR BLACK!

The social forum is coordinated by the international council and the organizing committee to provide the international social movements a space to deliberate strategize and unite on a broader basis on integration and face global capitalist neo-liberalism and create alternatives and solutions. The mission of the social forum process is to create an open space to provide for the organic integration of the social movements across intersecting lines and boundaries. The integration process of the social forum's self-organized events, panels and workshops builds bridges between organizations, movements, countries and continents strengthening a shared vision on systemic social change.

Taller de Radio Libre / Free Low Power FM/AM Radio Workshop
Los elementos para una transmicion de radio: que se necesita? Como usarlo? The elements of radio transmitting: what you need? How to use it? Miercoles 7pm @ “La Semilla Libre-ria,” Out Ch'Yonda (929 4th Street SW) Wednesday 7pm @ “La Semilla Libre-ria,” Out Ch'Yonda (929 4th Street SW) Donacion voluntaria para La Libre-ria Voluntary donation goes to La Libre-ria questions / preguntas:

Ferydoun "Fred" Mahinfarahmand, is a woodshop supervisor who was fired by UNM for speaking up about long term health and safety issues in his workplace. We are raising funds for a lawyer, if you can make a donation, please do so. If you are in Albuquerque, NM and know of lawyers who do employment law, please be in touch. If you are a member of a community organization, and want to help, please get your organization to endorse this petition. Hear what Fred had to say at an IWW centenary gathering in Abq back in Jan. 06

Former Chiapas Bishop Ruiz Makes Second Visit to Oaxaca for National Forum he doomed “ex-governor” of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, has appeared on mainstream national Mexican television – both on Televisa and TV Azteca, the two major national networks. His grip on the spin is slipping. “Oaxaca is at peace,” “no pasa nada en Oaxaca,” are phrases no longer accepted even by the sycophants at Televisa. Events are curiouser and curiouser – or, leaving Alice behind in Wonderland, things are furiouser and furiouser. So I’ll start with the summary: repressions accelerate. A national forum was convoked to discuss “Building Democracy and Governability in Oaxaca,” but the title didn’t spell out the thinking behind that forum. Here’s a hint: the former Bishop of Chiapas Samuel Ruiz García made his second appearance in Oaxaca.

Citizen Action New Mexico, a non-profit public interest group, has requested that the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the sub-autonomous agency under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), conduct a public hearing whereby Albuquerque residents can make comments on a plan proposed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to increase production of nuclear bombs, also known as “pit” production.

OAXACA CITY, August 1, 2006: In the style of the marcha de las caserolas (cooking-pot march) made famous in Argentina, the women of Oaxaca took to the streets with their pots, frying pans and spoons to beat out the call “Ruiz fuera!”: “Governor Ruiz out!”

ASK ELECTED OFFICIALS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. Over 100 people are expected to attend the fifth weekly vigil on Friday, August 4 from 6:30 –8:00 pm., on Central Avenue and Wellesley.

On July 22 there will be a benefit show at Out Ch'yanda theater/community space located on 929 4th st. (9 blocks south of Central). ADA collective is raising funds for a new locally owned and operated alternative bookstore in Out Ch'yanda. Proceeds from the show will benefit the bookstore, which carries alternative literature and goods that are hard to find elsewhere. The show will be featuring all local acts including Holiday Sail and Ammunition.

Thousands of Police Surround the City Center of Oaxac, Mexico as Strikers Hold Their Ground. In a scene that is starting to look all too familiar in Mexico, the police attempted to disrupt the Oaxaca teachers strike in downtown Oaxaca City this morning. At roughly 3 a.m. a police helicopter flew low over the tent city where the teachers have been camped for the past 23 days and shot canisters of tear gas. Meanwhile, 3,000 state police armed with riot shields and clubs entered the chaos and tore apart the roughshod shelters where the teachers had been staying. During the course of the six-hour police intervention three people were reported to have been killed (this is unconfirmed), two women and one child.

On July 5, things will be different in one state in Mexico...

For nearly one hundred years the Triple Alliance of the Valley of Mexico (the Mexica, Alcohua, and Tecpaneca) performed human sacrifice in the name of religion and more importantly, economic empire. History is repeating itself.

Radical bookstore opening in Out ch'Yonda - Libre-ía “La Semilla” Our focus is on: people of color, radical childrens & young adult books, queer theory, feminism, resistance movements, gay and lesbian, new mexican resistance movements, appropriate technology, political prisoners, magonismo, spanish language radical literature, workers' stories, Xicano movement, working class history, african american history, local poets, anarchism, local writers and artists, radical thought and history, zapatismo, indigenous history and struggles, socialism, ecological struggles, zines, punk rock, hip hop, anti war, and anti imperialist materials. The bookstore will also provide a meeting and office space for the IWW, which is providing a mountain of books to the collective to start up.

Two weeks ago Free Radio Burque 96.9fm and the Albuquerque community sponsored a fundraiser for political prisoners of Atenco and Texcoco, Mexico who were violently evicted from a market in their community. The Fundraiser was successful well beyond our expectations and the donations have been send to the communities of Atenco where they are needed to help get people out of jail.Tune in to Free Radio Burque Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 16th, 17th and 18th on 96.9fm starting at 1pm for an update on the situation in Atenco and highlights from the fundraiser in Albuquerque.

This morning, June 14, some 3000 Mexican Federal Preventive Police attempted to disrupt striking teachers in Oaxaca's historical district. Sound familiar?

In solidarity with the people of Atenco and Texcoco we are trying to spread awareness about the violent eviction of hundreds of workers and farmers from an area where plans have been made to erect another Wal-Mart. We are also raising money for people still in jail so come by, show your support and learn more about the situation. Community station Free Radio Burque 96.9fm will be broadcasting and open to the public all afternoon and into the night. When: Friday June 2nd 6pm or come earlier if you can help set up

On May 20, at 4:30, there was a rally in support Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba. Cars honked, some showed their disdain, but many knew where we stood.

The extreme Christian movement Battlecry held rallies all over cities in the U.S. last week, including one in Albuquerque.

In a prime-time speech Monday, May 16, Bush outlined his "plan" for border security. This comes just months after the Minutemen demanded Bush to authorize the National Guard's presence to secure the border.

May 8th, 2006, a group of individuals met in front of the Mexican Consulate to show their disgust at the police-military actions against students, the Otra Campana ( for more information), Atenco, Texcoco, Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra, and other activists organizations.

Escuche la gente enfrente del Consulado Mexicano en Alburquerque, Listen to the what the people at the Mexican Consulate in Albuquerque had to say: [entrevista uno] [entrevista dos] [entrevista tres]


Thousands of Mexican Police try to evict flower traders in Texcoco which is close to San Salvador Atenco north of Mexico city. When people resisted the PFP (Mexican Federal police) responded by swarming Atenco with over a thousand officers. Over 200 people were arrested and two people were killed by Mexican police. Speculations are that the Mexican government is putting pressure on locals in order to promote the business of a Walmart which is to be built in the area. Already there is a Walmart built only one mile fron the sacred Aztec site of Teotihuacan.

In Albuquerque as many as 2,000 people demonstrated and celebrated at Tiguex park and Civic Plaza. Through out the course of events and in to the night the voice of the people was also being heard on Free Radio Burqy 96.9fm during and after the March.

Cerca del medio dia, alrededor de 2,000 personas se convocarón atravez de los medios radioles, la Jefa y otras estaciones Hispanas, en el cruze de las calles 4th y Bridge frente del edificio "Hispanic Cultural Center." Se reunieron con el fin de encabezar una marcha a nivel nacional en repudió de las leyes de Immigracion que estan siendo debatidas en el Senado del EEUU. Estas leyes, que estan en suspenso durante esta fería de dos semanas en el Senado, tratan sobre futuras reformas que verian afectados a varios Immigrantes indocumentados y a personas que sepan de individuas en este estado y no den avisos a las autoridades pertinentes.

Between 500,000 and 1 million people filled the streets of downtown Los Angeles on March 25th, 2006 to protest the anti-immigrant bill HR4437, which would make all 12 million undocumented people in the United States into felons as well as anyone who aids undocumented people in anyway. Families, labor, civic, religious and political groups came out strong in a mostly Latino demonstration, overwhelming all the organizers' expectations. City officials are saying it is the largest demonstration they have ever seen. Both the Mayor and the Chief of police attended the demonstration and voiced opposition to the proposed anti-lmmigrant law which is to be debated in the Senate being debated right now. This march came in the wave of many other large demonstrations against this bill taking place in Chicago, Washington DC, Arizona, and and Missouri.

Albuquerque Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World) are assisting a member fired by the University of New Mexico despite ten years of dedicated, accident-free work and devotion to UNM. Fred Mahinafarahmand simply insists on a safe workplace for him and his coworkers. Fred Speaks to Indymedia

Laura Berg is a clinical nurse specialist at the VA Medical Center in Albuquerque, where she has worked for 15 years. Shortly after Katrina, she wrote a letter to the editor of the weekly paper the Alibi criticizing the Bush Administration. After the paper published the letter in its September 15-21 issue, VA administrators seized her computer, alleged that she had written the letter on that computer, and accused her of “sedition.”

MERIDA, YUCATAN, JANUARY 2, 2006: Twelve years after the indigenous people of Mexico’s southernmost state of Chiapas rose up in arms with the banner “Liberty! Justice! Democracy!” the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN in its Spanish initials) chose New Year’s Day 2006 to send its spokesman and Insurgent Subcomandante Marcos on a six-month tour of every corner of the Mexican Republic.

Two unique art exhibitions that celebrate over 100 years of revolutionary labor history and working class culture opened in Albuquerque at Out' Chyonda, 929 1/2 4th St SW, Barelas Neighborhood

New Mexico Independent Media Center Television on Public Access Channel 27 for December 2nd 2005 featuring Iraq war veterans Tony Garcia and Tina Garnanez, both from New Mexico. They give testimony of their first hand experience in both Iraq wars.

A record number of migrants died in southern Arizona this past year while crossing the U.S. / Mexico border. As the U.S. Border Patrol continues a strategy of militarization along the border, 282 bodies were recovered of workers who have no legal channel with which to migrate north.

Sacred Land Threatened by Sprawl Development

The decade-long fight to prevent a six-lane highway through the Petroglyph National Monument, home to thousands of ancient petroglyphs, may be coming to a new stage of struggle, as supporters march to pay homage to this sacred site.

The Sage Council of Albuquerque has been struggling to stop irresponsible sprawl and the destruction of sacred and ancient Petroglyphs which are an extremely important part of Native culture here in New Mexico.

En Mar del Plata, 81 personas fueron detenidas – entre ellas 76 ciudadanos argentinos y 5 extranjeros – según confirmó el Frente Antirrepresivo Marplatense, que junto a otros organismos de Derechos Humanos monitoreó la situación durante toda el día. Los detenidos fueron trasladados a la Alcaldía de Batán y a las comisarías 1º y 4º, esta última destinada a las mujeres y a los 12 menores apresados.

Contrary to the official story, the USA is not one nation of many immigrants, but a prison of oppressed nations, including Latin@s. In the year 2004, another racist threat emerged against Latin@ and other immigrant workers: the Minutemen.

New Mexico Independent Media Center Televison on Public access channel 27. Download the Mp3s from the latest show for October 21st 2005. Friday nights show includes guests: Patricia from Albuquerque Copwatch, Myra and Lucy from SOLAS and they will speak about the movement for justice for the masacred women of Juarez, Mexico. Also Bruce Milne a Bioneer from the UNM Sustainability program.

This Saturday October 22nd there will be a rally to end the criminalization of a generation. Wear black! National day of protest! Build on our victories- Putting the issue in the public eye.
Formation of the Police Oversight Commision.
The formation of Albuquerque Copwatch.

Statewide New Mexico Summit will address activism against the role of the military in the state of New Mexico. It will be held at the University of New Mexico October 21-23.

The 2nd New Mexico Middle East Film Festival will take place October 7 – 13th 2005 at the Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Avenue NE in Albuquerque and October 8th and 9th at the Center for Contemporary Arts, 1050 Old Pecos Trail in Santa Fe.

An event sponsored by the Fair Trade Imitative with volunteers from Students for Sustainability hosted an event today, Saturday October 8th, at Bandelier Elementary school. Several vendors and bands with dozens of enthusiasts enjoyed the sunny weather, good music and an elaborate martial arts demonstration. The Fair Trade Initiative was there to build peoples’ consciousness about trade practices in developing countries and how the United States consumer can help improve those conditions. Several other groups also came out to educate and inform attendees.

Stop the War on Iraq! September 24, 2005 in Albuquerque.
March from Kirtland Air Force Base to Highland High School for a rally with speakers, live music, and more. Send our kids to college not combat.
Meet at 11am, march begans at 12 noon.
Click here for more info.

Hit the streets for global justice and against the Iraq war! As the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) hold there annual meetings on September 24th and 25th, there will be hundreds of thousands of people in Washington in opposition to the war. Let's make Paul Wolfowitz, architect of the Iraq war and current president of the World Bank, know that we have not forgotten about him as he adds loans and grants to his arsenal.

Saturday, September 24, 2005.
11:00 am
Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.

The telecomunicatations and cable giants are coming for what is left of free expression in this country! Three bills being introduced in Washington D.C. would make it nearly impossible for community televison, small internet service providers, publicity owned wireless networks and access to the latest communications technology by minorities and low income people rights of way would be severely impacted. The budgets of many towns and cities would be cut due to loss of revenue.

Mine workers have been on an unfair labor practices strike since July 2 saying that ASARCO has not negotiated a new contract in good faith. Last week, ASARCO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company, which is now owned by Grupo Mexico, says the strike was only a small contribution to bankruptcy, citing large costs of environmental liabilities as the main reason. While copper prices are reaching a 15-year high, at approximately $1.70 a pound, some of the workers say they could run the company better than the bosses.

Hundreds of organizations, led by the Los Alamos Study Group, will commemorate the first use of nuclear weapons in warfare with events in Los Alamos, the birthplace of the atomic bomb.

Killer Ulises Since being sworn into office on the first of January, 2005 Oaxaca, México’s governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), has been making good on his promise to “do away with the social problems” (i.e. popular resistance) in the state.

Border vigilante murders Mexican near Columbus, New Mexico <>.<>.<>.<>.<>.<>.<>.<>.<>.<>.<> <> LA VOZ DE AZTLAN NEWS BULLETIN <> <><> Los Angeles, Alta California <><> May 9, 2005 Vigilante assault on Mexican immigrants kills one A USA masked vigilante with an assault rifle and military fatigues attacked a group of 18 Mexican immigrants on the border near Columbus, New Mexico yesterday. According to a report today by the Attorney General of Chihuahua, Patricia Gonzalez, one or more armed vigilantes, from the US side of the border, stopped a vehicle carrying 18 Mexican immigrants attempting to cross the border near the "Palomas, Chihuahua/Columbus, New Mexico" port of entry. The vigilante in a ski mask forcefully stopped their car and ordered the immigrants out of the vehicle and then proceeded to shoot the driver point blank, killing Apolinar Ortega Sanchez. The murderer who spoke in "broken Spanish" then ran to a vehicle waiting for him and raced to the USA side of the border according to the survivors. Attorney General Patricia Gonzalez is investigating the possibility that the assault was part of the Minutemen operations that took place along the Mexico/Arizona border and that are now moving westward. The attack by a gringo in military fatigues and with a military assault rifle brings memories of the attack on Mexican women and children by James Oliver Huberty on July 18, 1984 at a McDonald's Restaurant at the SanYsidro/Tijuana border. According to Huberty's wife, the mass anti-Mexican murderer said to her in the morning of the massacre, "Society's had their chance. I'm going hunting. Hunting humans." Huberty open fire on unsuspecting Mexican families killing 22, mostly women and children. The racist Huberty had blamed Mexican immigrants for his inability to get a job. In June, the Minutemen vigilantes are planning to commence anti-Mexican operations in the vicinity of the "McDonald's Massacre". If the anti-Mexican hate campaign by the English language media continues, we will certainly experienced worse hate crimes against our community. There are many mentally deficient gringos that believe everything they read, view or hear in the printed media, television and hate radio such as Disney owned KABC 790 AM in Los Angeles and they can be easily stirred into a "killing frenzy" by racist propaganda. Presently, Los Angeles commuters are being terrorized by shootings on our freeways and many believe they may be race related. The large percentage of the shootings victims are Latinos, which in LA means most probably Mexicans. La Voz de Aztlan hopes that the latest vigilante shooting of a Mexican immigrant near Columbus, New Mexico is not an ominous omen. Near by is the Pancho Villa State Park that commemorates General Francisco Villa's military excursion into US territory on March 9, 1916. * * *

No matter how much they want to avoid looking racist, they are. They are holding their first recruitment meeting in Las Cruces Sunday July 10 at 2pm at Dickersons Barn 3900 W. Picacho. Come out and let them know they are unwelcome here.

The extreme Christian movement Battlecry held rallies all over cities in the U.S. last week, including one in Albuquerque.
Las Cruces minutemen receive publicity on Fox News for infiltrating NM ACLU

Border vigilante murders Mexican near Columbus, New Mexico

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